Travel Tips – Part 3

Recap: In our last post, we talked about hotel room safety and security with regards to the location of the room within the building (i.e. floor number, proximity to elevators, etc). Today, we are going to talk about two simple items that can go virtually anywhere and provide you with an added level of securityContinue reading “Travel Tips – Part 3”

🧦 Spotting A “Sock”🧦

There are a lot of fake accounts out there, but not all are created equal. There are those accounts that I typically think of as ‘bots’ accounts. These are the internet’s version of robocalls – with links in their profiles and sexually explicit photos. They will often message you, trying to get you to clickContinue reading “🧦 Spotting A “Sock”🧦”

The Ideal Hotel

Time and time again, it has been proven in the security industry that the human element is the weakest link when it comes to our safety, security and privacy. This is no different in the hospitality industry. If your hotel clerk clearly says your room number or any other personally identifiable information (PII) that canContinue reading “The Ideal Hotel”

Travel Tips – Part 2

Make A Daily Carry ‘Go-Bag’ Preparing for your most-likely daily pitfalls will keep you ready for anything. Your go-bag is meant to get you through your worst day. Let’s start with the basics. Hydration is key to several natural processes in the human body.Having water on hand will help you regulate through a number ofContinue reading “Travel Tips – Part 2”

Educating Teens About Trafficking

Growing up in New Jersey in the 90’s, the world was a bit smaller than it is today. Places like the west coast seemed like another world and other countries were things we read about in history books and saw on the news. To book a trip to a foreign country would take planning andContinue reading “Educating Teens About Trafficking”

Evacuation Planning

When it comes to emergency preparedness, having a plan before things get crazy is the key to making the right decisions. When the human brain perceives danger, cortisol levels spike and we are prone to make emotion, irrational decisions. One way to make better decision under stress is through stress inoculation. This includes things likeContinue reading “Evacuation Planning”

How Can Private Intelligence Help NGOs?

Intelligence reports provide decision makers with a statistically-based prediction of the future. NGOs often work in challenging environments and with limited budgets. Intelligence reports help NGOs make decisions about how to improve their work. Private intelligence firms provide NGOs with objective assessments of the issues at hand, allowing them to make better decisions for theirContinue reading “How Can Private Intelligence Help NGOs?”

Thieves, Cameras and Sneakers

In an ideal world, a security camera can identify a suspect or a victim. Sadly we do not live in an ideal world, and not all security cameras are created equal. The ability to identify someone depends on the camera’s capabilities including FPS and resolution among other things. When it comes to cameras, you getContinue reading “Thieves, Cameras and Sneakers”

Travel Tips – Part 1

Get A Local Map When you first hit the ground in a new city or unfamiliar location, the fastest way to get your bearings, literally, is with an accurate tourist map. Tourist maps are chock full of the most popular (and likely safest and vetted) restaurants, parks and attractions. But not all maps are createdContinue reading “Travel Tips – Part 1”

What is a ‘Travel Briefing’?

Imagine arriving in a foreign city for a business trip. It is 23:39 local time, and you’ve just deplaned. You’re tired and hungry and you have to catch the 7:05 train to a meeting in a nearby city tomorrow morning. Most people travel by hoping and guessing along the way. As you fumble through theContinue reading “What is a ‘Travel Briefing’?”

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