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  • Top 6 Industries At Risk

    Do you work in an at-risk field? Find out about the TOP 6 Fields most threatened by corporate or ‘industrial’ espionage.

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    Ever wonder what vital information or vulnerabilities can be found out about you or your organization from the open web?

  • Safeguarding Secrets:

    Safeguarding Secrets:

    This week, we are exploring the nuance of physical access control. In this post-COVID world, the work environment has evolved to incorporate remote and hybrid setups.

  • An Artful Dance:

    Elicitation & Corporate Espionage (Part 1 of 7 of our series “Demystifying Corporate Espionage”) Elicitation: the use of seemingly normal conversation to uncover useful and/or potentially restricted information. Corporate espionage thrives on the subtleties of information manipulation. Today we shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked art of elicitation. Disguised as ordinary small-talk, elicitation is a…

  • Demystifying Corporate Espionage

    What Is Corporate Espionage? A Comprehensive Guide to Terminology Corporate espionage is a pervasive threat in today’s interconnected business landscape. It’s a covert practice that has been around for centuries, and it’s not limited to the realms of high-stakes spy novels and Hollywood blockbusters. In fact, corporate espionage poses a very real and significant risk…

  • Being Uncomfortable

    Being Uncomfortable

    Today, we are going to talk about the power of discomfort. Our society is built around the idea of comfort. From the moment you wake up in your comfy sheets, to putting on your comfy pants, to driving in your comfy car, listening to your custom tailored tunes, getting your coffee exactly how you want…

  • Lock Picking

    Lock Picking

    Check out these antique locks. These beautiful antiques were found on a recent trip to southern Italy at the Tenuta Vanuollo, an organic bufala farm. Next to intricacy, age is what will make picking or bypassing a lock more difficult. Years of rust, neglect, dirt and grime. Left outside to weather in changing conditions. The…

  • Travel Tips – Part 3

    Travel Tips – Part 3

    Recap: In our last post, we talked about hotel room safety and security with regards to the location of the room within the building (i.e. floor number, proximity to elevators, etc). Today, we are going to talk about two simple items that can go virtually anywhere and provide you with an added level of security…

  • 🧦 Spotting A “Sock”🧦

    🧦 Spotting A “Sock”🧦

    There are a lot of fake accounts out there, but not all are created equal. There are those accounts that I typically think of as ‘bots’ accounts. These are the internet’s version of robocalls – with links in their profiles and sexually explicit photos. They will often message you, trying to get you to click…

  • The Ideal Hotel

    Time and time again, it has been proven in the security industry that the human element is the weakest link when it comes to our safety, security and privacy. This is no different in the hospitality industry. If your hotel clerk clearly says your room number or any other personally identifiable information (PII) that can…