Travel With Confidence

With Immersive Training Courses & Intelligence-Backed Solutions

Your Power-Point Training Doesn’t Work.

The industry-standard Counter Intelligence Training is costing $1.2 trillion annually and endangering National Security.

At a 20% retention rate, virtual training fails to prepare you for travel.
That inadequate preparation can turn a great opportunity into a nightmare.
When you fail to prepare…

  • You lose money
  • You miss opportunities
  • You put yourself and others at risk

Before you know where you are going,
you have to know where you are.

Our Traveler Type Quiz is designed to determine your strengths as a traveler, and help you leverage them to have a better experience.

About Jack Of All Tradecraft

I started Jack Of All Tradecraft to help people live better, more fulfilled lives.

The intelligence community taught me that courage comes through self-reliance, and that you should never doubt your capabilities.

You can live a richer and well-traveled life, while protecting what you value most.