Travel Tips – Part 3

Recap: In our last post, we talked about hotel room safety and security with regards to the location of the room within the building (i.e. floor number, proximity to elevators, etc). Today, we are going to talk about two simple items that can go virtually anywhere and provide you with an added level of securityContinue reading “Travel Tips – Part 3”

The Ideal Hotel

Time and time again, it has been proven in the security industry that the human element is the weakest link when it comes to our safety, security and privacy. This is no different in the hospitality industry. If your hotel clerk clearly says your room number or any other personally identifiable information (PII) that canContinue reading “The Ideal Hotel”

Travel Tips – Part 2

Make A Daily Carry ‘Go-Bag’ Preparing for your most-likely daily pitfalls will keep you ready for anything. Your go-bag is meant to get you through your worst day. Let’s start with the basics. Hydration is key to several natural processes in the human body.Having water on hand will help you regulate through a number ofContinue reading “Travel Tips – Part 2”

What is ‘Private Intelligence’?

Private intelligence is the collection, analysis and exploitation of information, by a non-governmental organization. Governments use intelligence agencies to determine where the world is going – for example, what is happening in the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc. Think Jack Ryan, trying to learn which step the bad guy is going toContinue reading “What is ‘Private Intelligence’?”

Iceland, Carseats, and RSV

Traveling with children is beyond fun and offers a completely different experience from traveling alone or as a couple. Experiencing new things is the whole point of travel, right? To go somewhere you’ve never been, taste something you’ve never eaten or learn customs that are foreign from your own. Our trip to Iceland was noContinue reading “Iceland, Carseats, and RSV”

Driving Like Jason Bourne

Disclaimer: This post won’t teach you how to drive like a stuntman in a Hollywood movie, however, this will teach you some important driving practices used by both stunt people and alphabet soup government types that could save your life. The “rules of the road” change from place to place, and your driving style shouldContinue reading “Driving Like Jason Bourne”

Security Through Obscurity

Nothing ruins your vacation like having your cell phone or passport stolen.  Keeping your valuables secure while traveling gives you peace of mind, letting you relax and enjoy your trip. Thieves are often looking for an opportunity to make quick cash with little to no resistance.  A criminal looks for opportunities of low risk andContinue reading “Security Through Obscurity”

Whats in your (backup) wallet?

Here is an @ospreypacks rfid blocking money belt that I modified to have a few extra compartments. Inside, I carry my passport card from @statedept , in case my regular one gets lost or stolen. I also have a single sheet of @riteintherain paper with important numbers and addresses on it. Bandaids (multi-use adhesive device for more than just booboos.) IbuprofenContinue reading “Whats in your (backup) wallet?”

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