Educating Teens About Trafficking

Growing up in New Jersey in the 90’s, the world was a bit smaller than it is today. Places like the west coast seemed like another world and other countries were things we read about in history books and saw on the news. To book a trip to a foreign country would take planning andContinue reading “Educating Teens About Trafficking”

Car Batteries And Cranky Kids

The obstacle becomes the way. Marcus Aurelius Like most humans, my children like their routines. Their preferred method to get to school in the mornings is in our Kia, lovingly named “Klara” by my son. Imagine their dismay when the first day of school rolled around this week and Klara couldn’t take them! It turnsContinue reading “Car Batteries And Cranky Kids”

Iceland, Carseats, and RSV

Traveling with children is beyond fun and offers a completely different experience from traveling alone or as a couple. Experiencing new things is the whole point of travel, right? To go somewhere you’ve never been, taste something you’ve never eaten or learn customs that are foreign from your own. Our trip to Iceland was noContinue reading “Iceland, Carseats, and RSV”

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