Evacuation Planning

When it comes to emergency preparedness, having a plan before things get crazy is the key to making the right decisions. When the human brain perceives danger, cortisol levels spike and we are prone to make emotion, irrational decisions. One way to make better decision under stress is through stress inoculation. This includes things likeContinue reading “Evacuation Planning”

Being A Targeting Analyst

What is a targeting analyst? A targeting analyst or “targeter” for short, is someone who finds out every little detail there is to know about a person, place or thing. Imagine having the knowledge that your parents, your best friend, and your significant other have about you all rolled into one person. They know yourContinue reading “Being A Targeting Analyst”

Corporate Espionage

It starts with a LinkedIn message. You are a mid-career professional who is hungry and looking to grow your business. Maybe you’re a recent grad looking to expand your network. Bottom line is you’re actively searching for ways to get ahead. Then, out of thin air – a message pops up. This drive can becomeContinue reading “Corporate Espionage”

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