How Can Private Intelligence Help NGOs?

Intelligence reports provide decision makers with a statistically-based prediction of the future. NGOs often work in challenging environments and with limited budgets. Intelligence reports help NGOs make decisions about how to improve their work. Private intelligence firms provide NGOs with objective assessments of the issues at hand, allowing them to make better decisions for theirContinue reading “How Can Private Intelligence Help NGOs?”

What is a ‘Travel Briefing’?

Imagine arriving in a foreign city for a business trip. It is 23:39 local time, and you’ve just deplaned. You’re tired and hungry and you have to catch the 7:05 train to a meeting in a nearby city tomorrow morning. Most people travel by hoping and guessing along the way. As you fumble through theContinue reading “What is a ‘Travel Briefing’?”

What is ‘Private Intelligence’?

Private intelligence is the collection, analysis and exploitation of information, by a non-governmental organization. Governments use intelligence agencies to determine where the world is going – for example, what is happening in the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc. Think Jack Ryan, trying to learn which step the bad guy is going toContinue reading “What is ‘Private Intelligence’?”

The Intelligence Cycle

Information is all around us, constantly bombarding us in every direction. News media, social media, friends and family – each one competing for your time, energy and attention. Intelligence professionals know that without verification, information is useless. Think about the last time a parent or trusted friend sent you an article, or a headline even,Continue reading “The Intelligence Cycle”

Being A Targeting Analyst

What is a targeting analyst? A targeting analyst or “targeter” for short, is someone who finds out every little detail there is to know about a person, place or thing. Imagine having the knowledge that your parents, your best friend, and your significant other have about you all rolled into one person. They know yourContinue reading “Being A Targeting Analyst”

The IR$ (Part One)

“Democrats’ new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for you —“ Emotionally triggering headlines are standard in modern news media. Headlines like this are designed to make you feel the way you do, right now. The media companies know that emotionally-triggered people are far more likely to take the click-bait and spread it,Continue reading “The IR$ (Part One)”

Corporate Espionage

It starts with a LinkedIn message. You are a mid-career professional who is hungry and looking to grow your business. Maybe you’re a recent grad looking to expand your network. Bottom line is you’re actively searching for ways to get ahead. Then, out of thin air – a message pops up. This drive can becomeContinue reading “Corporate Espionage”

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