Preparing For When Your Kid Gets Lost

A Webinar for Kids and Parents

Getting lost or separated from your group can be a traumatic experience and it is something no one wants to endure.

Whether at the grocery store, a playground or Disney World, losing your child is every parent’s nightmare. And you probably know that is also your child’s worst nightmare too!

The human brain responds to this stress in a few key ways.

Your heart beats faster, you begin to breathe more quickly and you experience tunnel vision.

If you’ve ever lost a child in a crowded mall, you know this feeling. You feel your chest pound, you struggle to remember what clothes they were just wearing, and you begin frantically looking in all directions.

Your children experience the same cortisol spike and adrenaline rush as they try to search for you or the group they were with, while simultaneously fearing that they may never see you again. (At least that what my kids have told me.)

On a night like Halloween, getting separated from a group of trick-or-treaters can create the same reactions and have tragic consequences.

Lets look at some statistics:

According to the FBI, in 2021 there were 337,195 NCIC entries for missing children.
52% of fatalities on Halloween in the US involve drunk driving.
Children are 4x more likely to be hit by a vehicle while trick-or-treating.

The good news is that there are tools to help you and your children avoid and prepare for these situations.

These tools have two main purposes:

  1. Make a plan before you get separated;
  2. Make better decisions under stress if you do.

Learn The A B C’ S

A Meeting Spot

Controlled Breathing

Buddy System

Safe Words

These four skills are used everyday by professionals around the world in some of the most dangerous careers. They use these tools to keep themselves safe and secure and you and your kids can too.

These tools are straightforward, making them equally helpful for kids and adults.

I have been teaching these topics to my kids since they were 3, so I can assure you that they are age appropriate and easy to remember.

Join me and my kids for a free webinar where we discuss these four tools to help your children avoid getting lost, and stay safe if they do.

WHO: Designed for parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, etc, but most importantly KIDS!

WHEN: Tuesday, October 25th at 6:00pm Eastern.

WHERE: Virtually!

NOTE: This webinar will be an hour MAX (designed for maximum effectiveness with the tiny ones in the group).

HOW: You will get a zoom link sent to your email after filling out the form below.

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