From corporate espionage to assault – surveillance is used for many purposes.

Intellectual Property (IP) theft is at an all-time high.

It has been estimated that the US economy suffers upwards of $1.2 trillion in damages every year due to theft of intellectual property – much of which occurs during business travel.

Spotting surveillance could be the difference between your company landing the next big contract, or a competitor stealing sensitive documents while you’re out to lunch.

Aid workers and Journalists are continually surveilled, hindering their effectiveness.

Whether you are bringing aid, or breaking a story, your presence will attract attention. Be aware that the people you come into contact with will remain after you are gone.

Keeping your contacts safe should be a top priority.

Don’t be an easy mark.

This course will teach you about the types of surveillance, how to detect them, and what to do about it.

“Do not look back, you are never completely alone.”

-Moscow Rules