Surveillance Awareness

From intellectual property theft to religious persecution to petty crime, surveillance is used for many purposes.

Intellectual Property (IP) theft is at an all-time high.

It has been estimated that the US economy suffers upwards of $1.2 trillion in damages every year due to theft of intellectual property – much of which occurs during business travel.

Aid workers and Journalists are continually surveilled, dramatically reducing their effectiveness in providing aid or covering a story.

When traveling to a country to assist another population, you are more than likely bringing supplies and information that is not readily available in that region. These assets are very attractive to criminals and competitors alike.

Similarly, when following a story for a news report, the parties involved could be highly invested in your findings NOT becoming public – making you a target for surveillance, harassment or worse.

Whether you are traveling at the behest of the locals or in spite of them, your presence will attract attention.

Don’t be an easy mark.

Whether on business, humanitarian or leisure travel, the information you know and the relationships you build should be protected.

This training can help.

Topics Include:
– Types of Surveillance
– Surveillance Awareness
– Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures
– Surveillance Detection Routes (SDR)
– And more …

Plus you will finish the day putting your skills to the test in a live field exercise.

“Do not look back, you are never completely alone.” – Moscow Rules

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