Intellectual Property (IP) theft is at an all-time high.

It has been estimated that the US economy suffers upwards of $1.2 trillion* (with a ‘t’) in damages annually due to theft of intellectual property – much of which occurs during business travel.

The most effective way to access an organization’s sensitive information is through it’s people.

Cyber Security Isn’t Your Weak Spot

No matter how advanced technology gets, spying between nations and corporations alike will still require human interaction.

There is a saying that “HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is the best INT”. This is because the most reliable information is shared directly from person to person.

Not another click-through slideshow with a worthless 5 minute quiz.

The Live Counter Intelligence Course is a 1-day intensive training course focused on the techniques that corporate spies and nation state actors use to gain sensitive information.

Through a series of scenario-based field exercises in a live environment, your employees will gain proficiency in recognizing and reacting to corporate espionage threats.

Understanding Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection can prevent you from becoming an unwitting victim and save billions.

Your Training Includes:

  • What Corporate Espionage Looks Like
  • Case Studies Across Several Industries
  • Recognizing & Handling Elicitation Techniques
  • Hotel & Transportation Security
  • Travel Safety & Tech Best Practices
  • Incident Recognition & Reporting
  • Managing Your Online Social Footprint & Why Its Important
  • Surveillance Detection Techniques

*Special group pricing available. Course limit to 10 students.

“Do not look back, you are never completely alone.”

-Moscow Rules

* Independent Women’s Forum