What is Adventure Unlocked?

Scenario-based training that primes you to succeed under stress.

Adventure Unlocked gives you tools, and strategies for pre-trip planning, spotting potential threats, finding resources in your environment, and keeping yourself and your group out of harms way no matter where you are in the world.

Because “travel insurance” isn’t enough.

Learning how to read and understand your environment will greatly reduce your ambient “mental noise”, making you better prepared to seize opportunities and come out on top.

Train like Jack Ryan & Annie Walker.

Just like the leading intelligence agencies, you will experience live scenario-based exercises that simulate the stresses of traveling in a dynamic environment.

Are you ready to be more aware, independent and travel-ready?

Your Course Includes…

  • Understanding Situational Awareness
  • Managing Cognitive Stresses
  • Active Threat Training
  • Hotel & Lodging Safety and Risk Management
  • Travel-Specific Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Techniques

Here’s what participants have said:

“The course left us feeling more confident to enter the crowds of Disney with our kids.”


“I could have used a class like this as a college student before Spring Break!”


“Even as an experienced traveler, I learned some new things.”


“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.”

-Paulo Coelho

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