Welcome to Jack of All Tradecraft

n. jack of all trades [ jak-əv-ˌȯl-ˈtrādz ]: a handy, versatile person

n. tradecraft [ trād-kraft ]the techniques and procedures of espionage

Jack Of All Tradecraft is a private intelligence consultancy helping you get there and back safely.

When travel insurance fails. When you’re lost and alone. When your environment turns hostile. When no one is coming, you need to be your own hero.

We provide strategies and knowledge to manage stress, lower risk, and facilitate ease of travel through immersive trainings and custom safety briefings.


Planning starts with your goal in mind.


Outside-the-box is
standard practice.


Objective, thorough and to the point.

From Our Clients

“My team and I were looking for a way to better organize our investigative findings on threat actors and persons of interest. Aaron and Jack of All Tradecraft quickly created an organized report template and step-by-step guide on best open-source intelligence practices. Our intelligence analysts and investigators now follow the steps outlined in Aaron’s template to create comprehensive and professional-looking reports that can be shared with leadership and clients with confidence.”

 – Brand Protection and Counterfeit Investigator, Fortune 10 Company

Aaron Lembo has spent over a decade learning from and working in the intelligence community. He is a well-traveled husband and father of two, an Eagle Scout, former targeting analyst in counter-human trafficking and instructs private intelligence professionals in operational independence and surveillance.

Certificates and Achievements:
Eagle Scout
Community Emergency Response Team
Covert Entry Concepts
Physical Security Assessment
Behavioral Analysis
Surveillance Operations according to:
– FBI Domestic Investigations and Ops
– DIA Intel Handbook
– US DHS Ops
Human Trafficking Awareness
Risks And Security Overseas Module CERT
High Threat Security Overseas
Surveillance Detection
Level I Antiterrorism Awareness Training

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