About Aaron

From Eagle Scout to engineer, Patent Examiner to Targeting Analyst – Aaron Lembo is a well-traveled husband and father of two who brings a unique and personal perspective to travel safety.

Aaron has spent over a decade learning from and working in the intelligence community, and currently instructs private intelligence professionals in surveillance and operational independence.

About Jack of All Tradecraft

Jack Of All Tradecraft was born from a love of all things tradecraft related.

As the saying goes, “a jack of all trades – but a master of none – is oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Tradecraft, for the unfamiliar, is defined as the tools and techniques used in performing espionage.

But what started as hardcore spy enthusiasm eventually led to becoming a trained intelligence professional.

Lock picking as a hobby quickly turned to physical security assessments. Learning how to be “more like Sherlock Holmes” morphed into teaching how to read body language and avoid violence. The ability to create reports from many sources led to becoming a targeting analyst. Understanding satellite imagery opened the door to geolocation of crime scenes. Finally, learning about operational thinking and independence has turned into teaching the next generation of developing intelligence professionals.

From a willingness to say yes to new opportunities and try something completely different came Jack of All Tradecraft.

Our mission is to provide strategies and guidance used by the intelligence community to make travel easier and safer.

I am so grateful you are here and can’t wait to work with you.

Aaron Lembo
Jack of All Tradecraft