How Can Private Intelligence Help NGOs?

Empowering Action Through Certainty

Intelligence reports provide decision makers with a statistically-based prediction of the future.

NGOs often work in challenging environments and with limited budgets. Intelligence reports help NGOs make decisions about how to improve their work. Private intelligence firms provide NGOs with objective assessments of the issues at hand, allowing them to make better decisions for their clients.

But what exactly is an intelligence report?”

Thats a fantastic question, and I would love to answer it for you.

An intelligence report is a report of information that gives the reader insight into a specific topic (e.g. a person, region, or event). This report provides a level of certainty and understanding about the chosen topic. With this certainty, efforts can be focused on what matters.

Companies can use intelligence reports to make better operational and financial decisions.

Say your mining company wants to explore rich veins in a mountainous region. Before proceeding, they may need to understand the geopolitical climate of the people living in the area, or the typical weather patterns to determine what type of equipment would be required.

Humanitarian aid groups working abroad can insure their team gets to their destination safely, and prepped to do the most good.

An aid group could request a travel briefing and regional advisory report explaining what the best routes to and from camp are, and what local customs may help or hinder aid work once they get settled.

Intelligence reports can also assist in the event of a crisis.

No one wants to get the call that their team has been kidnapped. But these events unfortunately do happen. A group of missionaries in Haiti were kidnapped and held for ransom in October 2021 by a local criminal gang. (Al Jazeera)

Groups such as InterAction and Prevail provide high level intelligence services from risk management to threat assessments to kidnap and ransom assistance.

BLUF: Intelligence reports are a tool for NGOs to leverage to help them achieve their missions quickly, safely and in budget.

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