What is a ‘Travel Briefing’?

Imagine arriving in a foreign city for a business trip.

It is 23:39 local time, and you’ve just deplaned.
You’re tired and hungry and you have to catch the 7:05 train to a meeting in a nearby city tomorrow morning.

Most people travel by hoping and guessing along the way.

As you fumble through the airport, looking for signs for the taxi stand, your stomach pangs. You grab your bags and eventually find the taxi stand. As you hail a cab, you realize that you have no idea which direction your hotel is or how to get there and you hope that the cabbie is a nice person and won’t rip you off with a ‘scenic’ route.

It is well past midnight when you get checked in to your hotel and start to look for food. The clerk who checked you in has magically vanished and you are stuck wandering the nearby streets, guessing which direction will lead you to decent food that won’t make you sick.

A travel briefing takes out the guesswork and sets you up for success.

Now, imagine that you get off the plane and know exactly where to hail a cab and which major routes lead to your hotel. You have a local map with several vetted places to grab a bite to eat, which areas to stay away from, and the train station clearly marked for your early departure in the morning.

Not only do you know the local eateries and hot spots, but you also know the local politics, geography and climate as they pertain to your specific needs. Your lodging has been vetted to meet safety and security standards and you know where to go and who to call if you need help.

Don’t let hopes and guesses ruin your travel experience.

Before your next trip abroad, consider a Travel Briefing customized to your needs.

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