Security Through Obscurity

Nothing ruins your vacation like having your cell phone or passport stolen. 

Keeping your valuables secure while traveling gives you peace of mind, letting you relax and enjoy your trip.

Thieves are often looking for an opportunity to make quick cash with little to no resistance. 

A criminal looks for opportunities of low risk and high reward – this process is called “casing”. First, the criminal looks for an object of value. This could be an unlocked phone, expensive jewelry, designer handbag or high-end watch. The second thing a criminal is looking for is a distracted person. Once both of those boxes are checked, they wait for an opening, such as a crowded crosswalk during rush-hour or when you’re staring at your phone on a busy street corner. 

Before you set out, find out about recent crime in the areas where you will be traveling.

From the local Facebook groups to the neighborhood Next-door page, social media offers a treasure trove of information about recent crime in a given area.

Local news outlets and law enforcement give statistics that can tell you about historical crime.

Lastly, talk to your concierge or host about any recent incidents. They will be able to tell you specifics about common methods and scams.

After you know what to expect, learn to conceal your valuables for extra protection.

With any hiding place, there is always a tradeoff between security and access. Hiding your money in your sock is pretty secure, but good luck when you want to buy that drink. Hide your passport in the fridge of your hotel and it is easy to get to, but not at all secure. The best hiding spots are easy to get to, but hard to find.  

Walking around town? Keep your cash and ID in a money belt inside your waistband. Need to leave something in the hotel room? Check the box spring or a utility panel to see if they are viable storage spots. Get creative and use your imagination.

Bottom Line Up Front: Do your homework, talk to people who are in the area, and plan accordingly.

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