Whats in your (backup) wallet?

Here is an @ospreypacks rfid blocking money belt that I modified to have a few extra compartments.

Inside, I carry my passport card from @statedept , in case my regular one gets lost or stolen.

I also have a single sheet of @riteintherain paper with important numbers and addresses on it.

Bandaids (multi-use adhesive device for more than just booboos.)

Ibuprofen and Benadryl, in case a pharmacy isn’t nearby and I need to control swelling, a headache or an allergic reaction.

A small brass housed compass from @countycomm_gov

And finally, a micro SD card with ID and travel docs for everyone in my party.

It still has plenty of room for cash as well (not pictured).

This setup is lightweight and gives me peace of mind while we go from place to place.

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